Транспортные услуги в Новороссийске

Transportation services

The company "NOVOTRANS Port" provides:

          Organization of delivery of cargoes and containers of any type.
          Timely provision of vehicles for export of goods and containers with import cargoes from the territory of the terminal.
          Organization of cargo transportation not cleared in Russia and the Customs Union Customs transit regime (TT)
          The supply of empty containers from the container line, for loading of export cargo.
          Registration of transport documents: Waybill, CMR, etc.
          Organization of transportation of dangerous, oversized cargoes, if necessary, providing transportation and technological schemes permit the relevant authorities.
          Accreditation of transport provided by the customer in the ports of "NUTEP", OJSC "NLE", OJSC "NCSP" and the subsequent registration of applications for import / export of goods and containers.
          Insurance of cargo and containers during their transportation
          Provision of related services: Overload and sorting of cargo (container - warehouse - vehicle / wagon), and if necessary, load securing.