Экспедирование в порту Новороссийска

Forwarding services

Container transshipment Novorossiysk is carried out in three port terminals - JSC "NUTEP", JSC "NCSP", OJSC "NLE".

Each port container terminal has its own rules, the mode and order of work. To optimize the process of customs, border and port formalities, our company "NOVOTRANS Port", which has a staff of highly qualified forwarders, ready to offer the following services:

    Interaction with the port authorities to obtain all the necessary permits, during the port operations.

    Interact directly with linear and shipping agents, when exporting or receiving the goods as soon as possible.

    Quality and quantity of goods has arrived.

    The selection and implementation of all the necessary sampling and analysis.

    Registration permits.

    Weighing cargo and carrying out the necessary operations, Inspection, at the request of regulatory authorities or the consignee.

    Organisation approvals, permits, transshipment and storage, with freight forwarding dangerous, oversized or heavy loads.

    Organizations need to cargo handling, including separation, part palletizing, repacking and reloading from one vehicle to another.

    Provide storage facilities for the temporary storage of goods at the distribution of large quantities of goods to multiple recipients or consolidation of small parties in anticipation of their subsequent dispatch.

    Preparation of shipping documents and product transportation.

    Organization of export of goods from the port.

Stevedoring company of "NUTEP"

Full name: OJSC "Novorossiysk Nodal Forwarding Company"

Address: 353902, Novorossiysk, Suhumiyskoe Highway 17A


Customs Post: Novorossiysk Southeast customs post

Post code: 10317110

Stevedoring company of "NLE"

Full name: OJSC "NLE"

Address: 353901, Novorossiysk ul.Portovaya 6

Container lines: FESCO, MSC, ARKAS, OOCL, Hapag Lloyd

Customs Post: Novorossiysk Western customs office

Post code: 10317090

The stevedoring company JSC "NCSP"

Full name: OJSC "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"

Address: 353901, Novorossiysk ul.Portovaya 14

Container lines: FESCO, ZIM, China Shipping

Customs Post: Novorossiysk central customs office

Post code: 10317100