Stability - is the ability of the company to be in stable equilibrium and function without changing its principles in achieving results.

Trust - is the expectation of the company's integrity and responsibility in the performance of obligations.

Warranty - a moral and financial responsibility for the performance of the company, and in time, due to the agreements.

Customs clearance - a legal registration of all acts performed in the movement of goods and vehicles across the customs border or set of customs operations at the premises of goods and vehicles under a customs procedure and completion of the procedure (definition of legal literature, as in Customs Code of the Customs Union it is absent).

Customs clearance - a performance of customs formalities necessary for the introduction of goods into domestic consumption, to be exported or to be placed under another customs procedure (defined in the Kyoto International Convention).

Customs declaration - a statement declaring, in writing and (or) electronic forms, customs declaration when placing goods and vehicles across the customs border under a customs procedure.

Declarant - a legal or natural. or the person concerned has the right of ownership, use and (or) disposal of goods while moving through the customs border.

Trade - sector of the economy, ensuring the circulation of goods, their movement from the production to the sphere of consumption. Trade of one country with other countries, consisting of the import and export of goods, is a foreign trade; Trade between various countries is in its entirety - international trade. As part of a country trade is socially necessary function - bringing the goods to the consumer. It is divided into wholesale and retail trade.